All in One Universal Travel Adapter W/ Built-in USB Charger

It is designed to not only change between socket-outlets and plugs all over the world, but also to use as USB charger. And it has been R&D according to IEC60884, IEC60950 standards. High-grade plastic shell has high flame retardant and insulating property. The metal fitting pieces are made of high-quality material. Therefore, they are pliable and elastic. It composes of IC chip control and excellent exactitude electron component. When travel on one county, DIY this country's travel adapter to change with configuration different types of plugs in many countries. This product is beauty in good taste, powerful function, easy keep, portability, safety and trustiness. This product has obtained many international approvals, such as "CE", "WEEE/RoHS".

The functions are as follows:

1. Built-in surge protector which minimizes the resistance of the extra-voltage in a flick of time, thus effectively reduces the interference of noise, keeps the fine acoustic fidelity and clear pictures, and prolongs the life of the electrical equipments.

2. One gang safety socket-outlet design, with patented safety protective gate unit. The unique function of double-on-and-off prevents the danger of mis-plug-in in a single plug hole and electric shock for children.

3. Use as electromotive measure and make sure the local voltage whether work with your electronics apparatus by the voltage indicator of 110V or 220V.

4. Power input voltage: 100, 250V, Frequency: 50/60Hz, Output current load: 5V1A, suitable for all over the world.

5. LED light is red when turn on power to charge; LED light is green when completely charge; Charge fully 1000 mA battery in 1-2 hours and give good solution for spending long time to charge with tradition charger.

6. Changeable between different plug plate, easy operate, safety and trustiness.

7. Give excellent solutions but also used as USB charger but also for power. One of functions or both ones are available.

8. The product can not bring noise with low temperature on the condition of charge.

9. The product's cycling usage life >10000h.

Five white plugs with (v) and (s) in small box
- (v)oltage indicator, (s)urge protector
- OST-6: US, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan
- OST-7: UK, Hong Kong, Singapore
- OST-9: Germany, France, Indonesia, Korea
- OST-17: Australia, New Zealand, China
- OST-9C: EU, U. A. E., South America