China socket Travel Adapter(with all the kinds of plugs,expect for China plug)

[Define] type converter
Type converter defined as a plug portion and one or more outlets are of different composition as a unit of the portable electrical accessories.

[Patent Definition]
The invention provides a type converter to convert a variety of outlets for the role of one or more types can plug to these plugs are not designed to accept a socket converter. Commonly known, conversion plugs, plug adapter, socket adapter and so on. Is a socket can install different types of plugs, plug the other end to a power outlet, so some sort of plug into another plug, play the role of national power plug interchangeable, making the domestic electrical socket can also be connected to the International Power . Different countries or power plug or power cord into a country or multi-country power plug to another country, or a country of the multinational power plug can be inserted in the socket of another country, so that different countries can plug into different countries can communicate, to solve the world's electrical energy in different countries to another countries.

[Origin] type converter
With the global economic integration, international exchanges increasing surge in international trade, overseas travel, study, business visits, visits to friends and relatives become more frequent, but the world is not the same type of plug and socket, causing a plug socket to another country States to use, plug and socket appear alien phenomenon, caused people to go abroad the inconvenience electricity problems. In order to solve the country's plug and socket type incompatibility issues, meet people for the country's urgent needs interchangeable power plug, the type converter is made.

Technical Parameters
Rated Current: 10A / 15A
Rated voltage: 250V/125V
Power: 2500 watts
Input voltage: 100V ~ 250V AC
Input Frequency: 50HZ ~ 60HZ

【Product Type】
Name: Japanese American Plug to GB Argentina Australia standard socket attached standard light switch converter
Model: WSA16-5-BK
Size: 36X36X43.30mm
Color: Black
Metal Material: Copper
Plastic Material: ABS / PC
Pin standard: American standard class B 2 feet with ground
Socket Type (16): I like GB, Argentina Standard, Australian Standard three oblique flat socket
Switch Type: Power-off function (ON & OFF)

Introduction】 【Type Conversion
Positive input jack (16): You can accept Class I GB, Argentina Standard, Australian Standard three oblique flat pins plug.
Single Output plug: B class standard plugs, ie U.S. standard plug: Japanese standard, the North American standard conversion plug, plug refers to the product in Japan or the United States the standard "two flat a circle," the three-pin plug.
North American standard plugs by NEMA 1-15,5-15,5-20,6-15,6 - 20P plug standards. In the United States American Standard two flat plug the middle row cylindrical grounding plug accepts NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) management and UL certification. Plugs and sockets in Canada is CSA C22.2-Standard No. 42. Meet NEMA 5 - 15P style plug output is also used in Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and South America West Coast region of the country. Power systems in developing countries are usually not grounded. Cut off the grounding prong is not recommended to eliminate the safety ground is not safe. But the remedies available grounding line, the North American standard plug electrical parameters: 2.5A-15A/125VAC.
UL and CSA certified plugs. Can be equipped with a variety of sizes and types of cables, mainly used for data transmission, such as power servers, computer data storage systems, network equipment, industrial equipment. Universal standard plug 15A/125VAC most large current 20A/250VAC with less. American Standard injection power cord and plug in medical institutions will use ordinary, easy installation, a dedicated medical grade plug system. Wire side is the amount of current as 10A IEC-60320 connector. 15A/125VAC maximum output rating.

Japan plugs, shape equivalent to the North American NEMA 5-15 standard American standard plug. Japan standard JIS 8303, adopt more stringent size requirements, different marking requirements and mandatory testing for the detection and the Japanese authorities. Electrical standards 15A/125VAC. Matching plugs cable must meet JIS C3306. Also used in some other countries.
Note: Japan has both 50Hz and 60Hz power frequency.

CE certification, ROHS certification, ISO9001: 2008

Optional color
Typically color: white black red, silver; other colors can be customized;

[Existing Packaging]
White box Box Elevators double blister, etc.

A patent can accept GB, Argentina Standard, Australian Standard jack, an additional switch with light, for China, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand to provide different shapes of the outlet end result, different shapes of the sockets provide foothold relief because incompatible socket and plug the distress; alter the original home decoration outlet functional limitations is three-pole flat plugs Terminator, coupled it with the world two-pole grounding plug can not escape its three holes are closed, the socket utility greatly enhanced.
2, flame resistant materials, fire resistance, high temperature and impact resistance, fire rating of UL94V-0 grade, voltage 3000V.
3, metal texture, flexibility, flexible, submissive contacts pins, plug the test thousands of times, obedient pin remains unchanged; swappable test over 12,000 times, not deformation, strong elasticity, normal using 8 - 10 years is not loose.
4, novel and beautiful shape, small size, light weight, very convenient to carry, perfect for business travel, leisure and tourism use;
5, the supply world standard plugs, covers the world with 22 kinds of plugs plug for selection; conversion convenient and safe and reliable, so always have electrical power and enjoy wonderful tourism and high quality of life of the music.

【UsesDescription】 Patent GB, Argentina Standard, Australian Standard jack, additional switches light. Meanwhile, the supply of world standard plugs, so countries can freely interchangeable plugs and sockets; charging for mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), digital camera, charger, CD-ROM drive, laptop, shaver, PSP, mp3, mp4 low-power appliances. This product is travel, travel, study abroad and other persons best companion; gift is the best choice for e-commerce.

1, This product is no voltage conversion functions;
2, insert the plug fully into the jack;
3, please do not use in wet environments;
4, the use of non-binding wire to prevent abnormal overheating;
5, the use of this product, make sure that your electrical products, whether to use the local voltage;
6, the common chargers have marked 110-240V voltage selection, you can use this product;
7, this product is rated 10A250V or 15A1250V, should not overload, the sum of the connected electrical power shall not exceed the rated power;
8, do not use this product, please properly store, place it in a place out of the reach of children, beware of children playing an electric shock;

[Use] countries and regions
Input jack (16): You can accept GB, Argentina Standard, Australian Standard plug:
Samoa, Argentina, Australia, China, El Salvador, Fiji, Guatemala, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Okinawa, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Saint Vincent, Tajikistan, Tonga, Uruguay *.
Single Output plug: B class standard plugs, ie U.S. standard plug.
Samoa, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, China (without holes blades and slightly shorter pin), Colombia , Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Salvador and Salvador, Guam, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras,