The latest consolidated GB China socket new product(3+2+2) launched!

Product Description:

The product series(R6.16BTN, WF-6N.R6.16BTN, WF-6N2.R6.16BTN) British type GB consolidated fixed socket, consists of three type sockets: 2 pole with earth contact socket, 2 pole sockets for round & flat plug s and 2 pole socket for flat plug. It suitable for cabinet installation, suitable for use without exceed 40 ° C in the indoor environment.

The product outlet panel, standard integrated the panel (R6.16BTN) is available for two poles with a ground flat plugs, two poles without ground flat plugs, and the two poles without ground round plugs, and it is convenient and safe for use.

The outlet of the rated voltage :250V ~, rated current:10A, and the frequency:50Hz AC.

This product is a socket screw terminal type, available for users to connect a single strand solid conductors or stranded cords, wiring convenient and reliable construction.

There are many differences between BSF-R16BTN and BSF-R4TS as follows:

1 Panel Type:
Formeret socket panel is universal socket holes, available for different plugs,using a wide range of applications;
The latter integrated outlet is for our current standards plugs:two poles with a ground flat plugs, two poles withourt ground flat plugs, and two poles without ground round plugs.

2. Protection door:
Former socket panel jack is a universal socket, as a safety precaution against electric shock with a protective gate device; while the latter is no such protection device.

3 Lock-line:
Both are screw terminal type wiring the former sewing direction of the panel parallel lock line way less convenient; vertical the latter the lock line direction of the panel, easy sewing.